Beer cap maps – Turn your collection into a piece of art!

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Beer cap maps


We all know what beer is, there are very few who never tried it, but most of us love it. Beer is considered the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage. It’s possibly been around since early Neolithic or 9500 BC. It is also recorded in the written history of ancient Iraq and ancient Egypt. Over time it became the most popular beverage after water and tea, with amazing 35 billion gallons sold per year in the 21st century.

We differentiate and categorize beers by various factors like flavor, ingredients, appearance, history, origin or production method. Hence it is impossible to tell the exact number of beer types in the world.

Beer collectables

That being said it’s no wonder that some passionate beer lovers took it upon themselves to preserve the rich culture and history of this great beverage by collecting beer caps, labels, bottles and cans, or just to have a good excuse to try as many of delicious different kinds and brands as they can. It’s a hobby that can never runs dry. Beer cap collecting can even be carried on from generation to generation. New brews seem to appear every day, home-made as well as large corporation kinds.

The display of these collections is a whole other thing. The expression of love towards beer seems to be a never-ending inspiration for beer lovers alike as it becomes an art, from regular shelf displays, painting pictures, inventing decorations to building houses. There seems to be no limit to wild imaginations that begin with a single beer cap.


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Beer cap maps – the idea

Two engineers from Madison, Wisconsin expressed their creativity and brought to life their idea to create a unique way of displaying beer cap collections by creating Beer Cap Maps. They come in quality wood or stainless steel, as world, continent, state  and country maps. Therefore beer lovers can cherish their memories and catalogue places they’ve been and beers they’ve tried in a beautiful and original way. The maps are carefully designed and well engineered to tightly hold every cap in place.


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Every detail is carefully crafted. Even the map holder (hanger) is designed to lock into a cap hole and give the map a perfect distance from the wall thus creating a stunning shadow effect. The holder contains a magnet inside it. Therefore you can just pop on a cap to blend it into your collection. You can easily take down the wooden map from the hanger anytime you need to add more caps to your masterpiece. The steel map is mounted directly to the wall. You don’t need to take it down to add additional caps, you just pop them into place.

Yet that’s not all these guys have up their sleeve. If you get Canada, United States, Mexico and Alaska you can fit them together like a puzzle.


North America with Alaska.jpg

They also make some cool beer cap related games and handy beer openers / coasters.


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beer cap maps 01-02-03-03-03

 In conclusion

The Beer Cap Map will look stunning and turn any wall into a great conversation starter anywhere you decide to put it – your home, office, bar, men and women caves alike! They are made of quality material, with great care and much attention to detail. Therefore the Beer Cap Map is a beautiful, fun and high quality product. It’s a great gift for any beer lover!



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Check out Beer Cap Maps at Amazon

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