Outdoor Gear – Everything You Need To Survive In The Wilderness

Hiking Gear Outdoor Gear Survival Kit

Outdoor Gear – Survival Kit

Everything You Need To Survive In The Wilderness

You know what they say about being better safe than sorry? If you like spending time in the great outdoors you should take that advice seriously, because it might just save your life. It’s not uncommon that people set out to go for a quick stroll in the nature and they end up being lost, or the weather turns and makes the trip back very dangerous or even impossible. Even a walk on a beautiful sunny day can sometimes turn into a nightmare – the nature, as beautiful as it is, can be cruel and unforgiving. With that in mind we made this survival kit list for just such an emergency.

These items are compact, light weighted, practical and take up very little space, so you might not even notice you’re carrying them. Whether you’re into hiking, camping, boating, fishing, hunting or just testing your survival skills you should definitely play it safe. On this list you will find everything you need from a shelter and fire starter to many handy tools and supplies that will help you survive and thrive in the wilderness.

1. The Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet

(by LAST MAN Survival Gear)

This nifty little bracelet within it holds much more than meets the eye. In many cases a simple paracord bracelet can be a lifesaver, and this one, with its clever survival kit package, is on the completely new level. It contains:

paracord survival kit bracelet outdoors-Compass
– 12’ length of nylon paracord cordage,
– Snelled 3/0 offset kale hook with 20” leader line,
– Snelled #2 offset kale hook with 20” leader line
– Two 1 1/8 inch line swivels
– 30 ft length 10lb test fishing line
– Two 1/2 inch foam bobbers
– Two 3/8 inch egg sinkers
– 2 1/4 inch ferrocerium fire starter rod
– 2 inch diameter serrated fire striker
– Dried grass tinder bundle
– Two 1 3/4 inch safety pins

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2. Ultimate Survival Kit

(by Gerber and Bear Grylls)

You’ve probably heard about Bear Grylls, or even watched his show about surviving in wilderness. This ultimate survival kit is designed by Gerber and Bear to offer a multitude of uses in any environment, so you know it’s good.

The whole 15 piece kit is packed in a neat little 4.5″ x 6.8″ lightweight waterproof bag with overall weight of 9.4 oz., and it holds:

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit outdoors– Waterproof Matches
– Snare Wire
– Emergency Cord
– Cotton Ball
– Needle Nose Pliers
– Wire Cutters
– Fine Edge Knife
– Serrated Knife
– Phillips Screwdriver
– Miniature Light
– Hand Saw
– Signaling Mirror
– Survival Blanket
– Waxed Thread
– Fishing Kit
– Sewing kit

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3. Emergency Shelter Tube Tent

(by Survivor X)

Survival Kit SURVIVOR X Emergency Shelter Tube Tent outdoors When you find yourself in an emergency situation the two most important things are to find a shelter and start a fire. This emergency shelter is made of super lightweight Mylar, which is designed by NASA to reflect and retain 99% body heat. It’s crucial to say dry and warm in wilderness to avoid hypothermia so this emergency tent is a true lifesaver. It is durable and folds up small for easy storage and transportation, easy to setup and fits 2 adults. It is a perfect blend between resistance and carry weight, but it’s not meant to replace a standard camping tent.

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4. Granulated Firestarter

(by InstaFire)

outdoors Survival Kit Insta Fire Eco Friendly Granulated Fire Starter PouchAs we mentioned above starting a fire is the second most important thing when you find yourself in an emergency situation. But it can be a hard thing to do. That’s why you should always have a bag of this instant granulated firestarter. It contains no harmful chemicals and with it you can have a fire burning anywhere and in almost any kind of conditions – wind, rain, sleet or snow. It lights up immediately and it can burn on its own, without any additional burning material, for around 15 minutes, so it will give you a good window to start a steady fire. Of course, always prepare some fire wood first. If you have a flint fire starter with you (mentioned in #1 and #2 on this list) starting a fire will be a breeze.

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5. Emergency Solar and Hand Crank Multi Device

(by Epica)

epica digital emergency solar hand crank am fm noaa radio Outdoor Survival KitWhen you are in an emergency communication with outside world will save your life. This digital emergency solar hand crank AM/FM/NOAA Radio with NOAA Certified weather alert is equipped with a flashlight and even a Smartphone charger. It’s definately a must have emergency gadget for your outdoors kit.

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6. Personal Water Filter – LifeStraw

(by Vestergaard)

Outdoor Survival Kit LifeStraw Personal Water FilterIt’s important to stay hydrated. Human body can only survive up to 7 days without water, and that’s a generous estimate with ideal conditions. Three to four days would be more typical. In emergency situations it’s even more crucial to stay hydrated in order to be able to function normally and get yourself to safety. In those situations you can make things even worse by drinking any water you come across just to stay hydrated, since you don’t really know what kind of bacteria and parasites might be swimming in it. That’s why you should always carry with you this personal water filter. It removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites. It can filter up to 1000 liters of contaminated water without the use of iodine, chlorine or other chemicals. The LifeStraw is EPA Approved and won the Time Magazine Invention of the Year title. This is definitely a MUST HAVE if you’re spending time in the wilderness.

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7. Food For Outdoor Activities

(by The Survival Tabs)

Emergency Food Survival Tabs Outdoor Survival Kit Food Replacement for Outdoor Activities

You might be able to survive longer without food than without water, but being hungry makes it difficult to function properly. Hunger is a very tricky thing. Human body can survive up to 21 days of total starvation, but hunger can drive you crazy and you would be more likely to make mistakes and eat something that could make things even worse, which is a big deal in emergency situations. Noteworthy is the fact that about 60% of the foods we eat are actually absorbed by our bodies, meaning that 40% (or more) of that food is completely wasted, along with any protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and healthy fats it might contain. The Survival Tabs are made so that nearly 95% is absorbed by your body, so you don’t need to carry around a huge amount of food in order to get excellent nutrition. Just 1 or 2 Survival Tabs contain the nutritional equivalent of 2 or 3 pounds of food! They’re extremely compact, lightweight and portable. You get all the excellent nutrition your body needs to have awesome adventures, plus The Survival Tabs are delicious and take up very little space and don’t weigh you down.

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 8. Canteen and Cooking Cup

(by Gerber and Bear Grylls)

Outdoor Survival Kit Gerber Bear Grylls Canteen and Cooking Cup You will certainly always bring some water with you when ever you go to the great outdoors. Finding something that can serve as a water container and for cooking can be a difficult task. So it would be a smart choice to bring your water in something that is practical and multifunctional. That’s why Gerber Bear Grylls Canteen and Cooking Cup is a great choice. It’s made of food grade durable materials. It’s cleverly designed. The canteen fits perfectly into the cooking cup and takes up no extra space.

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Outdoor Survival Kit COLUMBIA RIVER KNIFE AND TOOL’S EAT N TOOLAdditionally you might want to have this practical multifunctional eating tool. We choose Columbia River Knife and Tool’s Eat N Tool. It’s a combination of a fork, spoon with mildly sharpened edges so it can also be used for cutting softer foods. It also has a bottle opener and a few extra tools. It comes with a carabiner for convenient transport.

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9. Mini Axe

(by Tops Knives)

Outdoor Survival Kit Tops Knives MAX01 Max the Mini AxeHaving a hatchet can be a life saver and beside its great functionality as a cutting tool it can be used as a fire starter, through sparks and friction, with help of another metal object or a simple rock. Whether you need to clear your way, chop some fire wood or even build a shelter this mini axe is a great tool when you need something with the capability of an axe, but also need it to take as little space as possible. This mini multi tool, with its axe chopping attitude and two bladed edges for cutting, is up for the job of an ax, but is still practical enough to replace a smaller knife. Definitely a clever                                                                                      choice to add to your outdoors kit.

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 10. Paracord Fixed Blade Knife

(by Gerber and Bear Grylls)

Outdoor Survival Kit Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade KnifeEvery outdoors kit needs to have a knife. This light weighted, fine edged knife has a survival cord wrapped around the handle which is very handy. It packs into a practical sheath for safe storage and transport. It’s very cleverly designed with a great grip on the handle.

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