The Fizzics Beer System

Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System

The Fizzics System is the world’s first portable Draft Beer System that improves the flavor and taste of ordinary canned, bottled and growler beer. Fizzics technology enhances the carbonation and aroma of beer while providing a smooth, creamy, full-body flavor and taste without the use of additives or chemicals. Fizzics enhances the flavor and taste of all beer styles, including IPAs, Pilsners, Brown Ales, Stouts, Porters, Lagers, and more. Fresh from the tap taste, anytime, anywhere.

Quite simply put – the Fizzics System will make any bottled, canned or growler beer taste and feel as beer was intended to, great!



Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System



The Fizzics Draft Beer System



Engineered using patent-pending fluid & gas technology to enhance the flavor and taste of beer.

Fizzics enhances the flavor and taste of all beer styles, including IPAs, Pilsners, Brown Ales, Stouts, Porters, Lagers, etc.

Compatible with all size cans, bottles, and accommodates up to a 64oz growler.

Powered by 4 standard AA batteries. Lightweight and durable making it ideal for outdoor activities, camping, tailgating, etc.

Fizzics does not require CO2 or Nitro cartridges, proprietary replacement parts, or ongoing refills to operate.



Beer is Awesome

Beer is pretty awesome, and we all know that beer fresh from the tap tastes best; after-all, that’s how the brewers intended their beer to taste. But, in order to reach the masses, beer is sold in bottles and cans worldwide. In fact, over 80% of beer is consumed out of cans and bottles, and the bottom line is, it just doesn’t taste as good as does fresh from the tap. Drab beer is a thing of the past with Fizzics, the first ever universal beer dispenser that delivers an awesome, better than tap experience from any can, bottle or growler. Using science, they’ve perfected the density, stability and texture of beer to improve the flavor, taste and mouth-feel delivering a better than draft experience.


The Importance of Foam

Not all foam is created equal. Foam plays a vital role in the beer drinking experience. In a traditional hand pour, the bubbles are quite large, creating a grainy texture and negative sensation to your palate. A Fizzics pour delivers dense Micro-Foam dividing the bubbles into smaller microbubbles thus enhancing aroma and creating a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Not only is the Fizzics Micro-foam visually appealing, it also delays degradation of the beer due to contact with oxygen, which preserves the flavor. Therefore, your first sip will be just as fresh as your last.


Easy to Use. Easy to Clean.

Simply place your favorite can, bottle or growler inside the canister and insert the hose directly into your beer. Close and seal the canister. Tap the handle forward to pour while holding your glass on a 45-degree angle. Fizzics technology pours your beer under pressure at a controlled rate while maintaining the carbonation in the body of the beer. When you are ready to top your beer with head, hold your glass straight up and then push the handle backwards to top. Cleaning is simple and easy to do. Set a glass of water into the canister. Insert the tube into your glass. Close and seal the canister. Tap forwards for 5 seconds to clean out the system. The anti-microbial drip mat and the inner system canister also separate for easy cleaning.

 Your Favorite Beer on Tap. Anytime, Anywhere with the Fizzics Draft Beer System.


For the Thrill-Seeker, Adventure-Taker or the Laid Back. You appreciate the finer things life has to offer. Now just imagine those moments with your favorite beer with an enhanced aroma and a smoother, creamier mouthfeel. Those moments just got better.

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