Dog Activity Monitor

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

This is a new way to keep your dog (and you!) healthy, explain changes in behavior, make better decisions with your vet, and share memorable moments with friends & family. These guys are on a mission to get dogs and humans healthy together. A dog is an ideal exercise partner, and being committed to a dog enables us to commit to physical activity ourselves. FitBark, a beautiful sensor that monitors your dog’s daily activity and sleep and turns it into BarkPoints, so you can track progress.

Monitor your dog’s everyday activity 24/7 and set health goals.The beautiful, tiny (8 grams, fits dogs of any size) is rugged and waterproof. 

Check out the videos bellow to see some of the amazing features this awesome dog activity monitor offers!

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Dog Activity Monitor

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor


• 8 grams (fits dogs of ANY size)
• 41 x 28 x 11 mm (curved design)
• Tiny, ruff and waterproof
• iOS, Android and Web: check in from a variety of platforms. All our apps are free, and there are no monthly fees.
• 14 Days Battery Life: Get plenty of play time between recharges. Plug in a standard micro USB cable (provided) without removing the FitBark from the collar.
• Bluetooth 4.0: FitBark syncs via BLE whenever it’s next to your smartphone or that of another authorized user.
• 5 different colors

Set the right health goal


Health is a choice. It’s something we build, every day. Choose a lifestyle for your dog based on statistics from similar dogs. Average (50th percentile), Active (75th percentile) or Olympian (90th percentile)? Review a weekly report with all the doggie details.

Get new medical insights


Withc Dog Activity Monitor you will get feedback on how your dog is responding to a new treatment or a new nutritional plan. Review longer term trends, monitor the development of specific issues (e.g. post surgical recovery, rehabilitation, osteoarthritis, separation anxiety, dermatitis, weight loss etc.) and make better decisions with your vet.

Monitor Progress Together


Loving your pet means staying healthy together. Link your Fitbit and start monitoring your dog’s fitness next to yours. Get active with your pet and make better choices throughout the day.

Challenge your furry friends


A little challenge keeps everyone motivated. Add friends to your TopDog Board and have fun reviewing weekly, monthly and all time champions.

FitBark Explore: A Public, Interactive Digital Map of Doggie Health & Wellness


Make a difference in doggie health. At FitBark, we believe in a world where we all know what health looks like. “FitBark Explore” is the world’s first live, public, digital map of doggie health with unprecedented, interactive insights into canine health & well-being. The data is collected in real time from our worldwide community of dogs and their owners, contributing to a greater understanding of canine health. Through his or her FitBark, your dog anonymously contributes information that helps improve the health of all dogs (and their owners!). Examples of what you will find include:
• Ranking of most and least active breeds
• Lifestyle comparison (activity & sleep) for dogs of different weight & age
• Activity histograms for dogs of various types
• Impact of gender and certain medical conditions
• Geographic insights (worldwide)

About the Product

  • Monitor your dog’s everyday activity 24/7 and set health goals
  • Explain changes in behavior (rest, active and play time)
  • Compare with similar dogs and even yourself
  • Make better decisions with your vet and share memorable moments with friends and family
  • Beautiful, tiny (8 grams, fits dogs of any size), rugged and waterproof


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