Farting Toilet Roll

Hilarious Gag Gift !

Farting Toilet Roll, Makes Your Regular Toilet Paper Fart!

Includes 7 Funny Fart Sounds

Have A Rip-Roaring Time With Your Friends & Family By Making Your Toilet Paper Fart!

For those that find toilet humor hilarious, this farting toilet roll talker will make your friends and family cry with laughter (and your victim die of embarrassment!).

– Just insert your Farting Toilet Roll Talker into any roll of toilet paper and wait for your victim to visit the bathroom!

– Imagine the screams of laughter from your friends and family when your victim pulls on the toilet roll and the fart sounds blast out!

– Includes 7 different very loud and clear fart noises that will fill your bathroom with the sound of someone letting out some seriously bad gas!

– The adjustable spindle fits all standard toilet paper holders and it includes an on/off switch so you can control when the fart sounds let rip.

– Makes the perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for those that like to blow off steam with laughter!

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Farting Toilet Roll


  • TURN YOUR TOILET PAPER INTO A PRACTICAL JOKE – Prank friends and family with this hilarious farting toilet paper holder that makes your regular toilet paper fart so your bathroom victim sounds like they have seriously bad gas! Just insert it into any roll of toilet paper and get ready to cry with laughter!

  • 7 LOUD & FUNNY FART SOUNDS (WITHOUT THE SMELLS!) – The seven different breaking wind sounds are so loud and clear, they will not only make your bathroom a blast, they’ll also fill your whole home with toilet humor! Includes an adjustable spindle that fits all standard toilet roll holders.

  • RIP-ROARING FUN FOR EVERYONE – This hum-dinger of a bathroom prank will make your friends and family scream with laughter and give your victim a red face as they wonder who can hear them outside of the door. Just pull the toilet paper to activate the sounds, then let it let rip! They make awesome gag gifts for men, women or children.

  • A PRANK GIFT THAT MAKES THE LAUGHS LINGER – Everyone finds poop and farting funny, and with replaceable batteries included, you’ll be crying endless tears of laughter every time someone uses the toilet. Includes an ON/OFF switch so you’re in total control of the toots and fluffs!

  • MAKE THIS CHRISTMAS A GAS! – The Farting Toilet Talker is a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for anyone who likes pranks. Perfect for people who love cool things and weird cool stuff like a remote fart machine, fart spray, fart gun, liquid ass, fart blaster, whoopee cushion or fart bombs.

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