FiftyThree Digital Pencil

FiftyThree 53PW06 Pencil Digital Stylus

Walnut with Magnetic Snap

Surface Pressure

Expressive from every angle. Pencil’s unique tip is shaped to create lines of all sizes without any settings. Use the point for fine details and the angled edge for broad strokes.


Be bold and make mistakes. Pencil’s unique built-in eraser lets you precisely carve away to get at what’s essential. No need to switch tools, just flip Pencil to erase.


Get hands-on with your ideas. Pencil takes care of the lines so you can use your finger to smooth rough edges and blend colours directly on the page. Create beautiful colour transitions for charts, skies, and shadows.

Scroll down to watch the video and see it in action!

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FiftyThree Digital Pencil

Pencil is the most natural and expressive tool for getting ideas on Paper. Rest your hand on the screen and draw freely with best-in-class adaptive palm rejection. Blend with your fingers. Flip Pencil over to erase. Thin as a real pencil, with internally balanced components that feel right in your hand.

Pencil connects to great partner apps including Procreate, Noteshelf, Sketchbook Mobile and others. Pencil works well as a non-connected stylus on any touchscreen. We do not recommend the use of screen protectors while using Pencil.

Pencil was made to work beautifully with the Paper by FiftyThree app (available for free in the Apple App Store). Paper was designed from the ground up for touch and creation on the go. It keeps you in the flow with no fussy buttons, settings or other distractions. Paper works the way you think, like a familiar notebook or journal. Have all of your ideas with you in one place.

Connects to iPads 3+, iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPhone 4s and above.
Connects to Paper by FiftyThree, Microsoft OneNote, Procreate, Sketchbook Mobile, Note shelf, and others.
Surface Pressure: Pencil’s unique tip is shaped to create lines of all sizes without any settings.
Erase: Pencil’s builtin eraser lets you try anything knowing an eraser is only a flip away.
Blend: Use your finger to smooth rough edges and blend colors directly on the page.
Palm Rejection: Rest your hand on the screen and write from any angle. No calibration or setup.
What’s included: Pencil, USB rechargeable battery, Extra Tip, Extra Eraser
Walnut model with Magnetic Snap (attaches to Apple iPad Smart Cases & Covers)


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