GAME of THRONES cutting board – Dinner is Coming

Handmade GAME of THRONES Dinner is Coming cutting board

The dinner is coming – so make sure you’re prepared and get yourself this awesome Game Of Thrones handmade cutting board.

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GAME of THRONES cutting board Dinner is Coming


These personalized cutting boards are eco friendly gift for weddings, wedding shower, birthdays, house-warming, company or just because! It is great gift for family and friends and also it is a great gift for yourself.

DESCRIPTION: Cutting boards are handmade from natural hard wood (oak, beech or cherry). They are strong and durable.

OAK boards may be dark brown, light brown, or brown with yellow-white tones. Engraved oak has beautiful contrast, it can have marked graining that will be revealed. The burning process of engraving will darken the wood, which allows for easy readability.

BEECH belongs to the same family as the oak. Beech coloring is typically a pale cream. Even though it is a hard wood, it does burn a smooth, contrast and deep engraving. You will be satisfied with the durability of our beech cutting boards!

CHERRY boards vary from rich red to reddish brown and will darken with age and on exposure to light. Cherry cutting boards will only become more beautiful with time and care. The thickness of all our cutting boards is 2/3′-3/4′ (16- 20 mm).

Production Method

We polish our boards for a exceptionally smooth finish. All our edges are routed for smooth corners. We cover cutting boards with natural wood conditioner to cure and leave over night before shipping. We produce wood conditioner from our own bees wax and linseed oil.


Oak, Beech, Cherry

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