GateKeeper Halberd Automatic Computer Key

NextGen smart Bluetooth key and lock for automatically locking your PC every time you walk away.


GateKeeper Halberd

Your computer’s automatic defender

Halberd automatic computer defender

GateKeeper Halberd

The Halberd is the flagship key fob for accessing your computer. The larger design provides additional power to guarantee improved performance and accuracy without sacrificing battery life.

We have added an accelerometer for motion detection and a button on the side to lock the computer with a click of a button while in range. It also sports a more powerful processor for faster processing of secure cryptographic key exchange.

The Trident app allows your Android or iOS device with 4.0 Bluetooth to act as the authenticator token. This allows your phone to communicate with the GateKeeper software as if it were the Halberd. Halberd and Trident will be your smart keys for our continuously developing software.

So how does it all work? 

In order to use the GateKeeper’s proximity authentication you’ll need the following:

  • 1 Halberd Smart Bluetooth Key or Trident App (the key)

  • 1 USB lock (Included with Halberd) or internal 4.0 BLE chip (the lock)

  • GateKeeper Single-user Authentication Software (the code)

Halberd automatic computer defender


Halberd automatic computer defender

With the Arkham app, you can now lock your Android phone when your Halberd moves away. This instant lock feature can be quite useful if someone snatches your most valuable digital asset while you wait for a taxi. Halberd locks down the phone so that nobody can get your data, and then you can later disable it.

Halberd automatic computer defender

Halberd and GateKeeper Enterprise provides a secure way for you to access all your computers with the same ease as with a single workstation.

Halberd automatic computer defender

We are introducing web-credentials management with integrated one-time-password based two-factor authentication with the Halberd. The GateKeeper Enterprise software, in conjuction with the Halberd will allow you to securely access your favorite websites by proximity and OTP based two-factor-authentication.

GateKeeper Halberd automatic computer defender

Many industries have employees moving from computer to computer all day. Doctors log in and out of computers upwards of 50 times a day. So do law enforcement officials, and manufacturing plant workers, and many others. HALBERD with GateKeeper Enterprise allows you to move from computer to computer, or have many users access the same computer with EASE.

Halberd automatic computer defender


GateKeeper Enterprise provides organizations with a centralized management console to administer all Halberds on the network. GateKeeper Enterprise scales from a 5-person office to a 5,000 employee organization with ease. Use the same HALBERD with our enterprise application for work, and the basic application for home!

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