Magical Defrost Tray

VonShef Magical Defrost Tray

This defrost tray is truly magical! Defrost food fast and easy way with absolutely no chemicals or electricity used! No more defrosting food hours in advance – this tray will defrost your food 10x faster than in normal room temperature. You gotta see it to believe it, so scroll on down and watch the review video to see it in action!

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VonShef Magical Defrost Tray

This Defrost Tray is truly magical! You can wave goodbye to defrosting frozen food hours in advance – the VonShef Magical Defrost Tray defrosts in just a matter of minutes.

Whether you’ve completely forgotten to take frozen meat out of the freezer or set your heart on a meal at the last minute, this handy tray defrosts food 10x times faster than at room temperature. No electricity, no chemicals, no microwave, no heating!

Simply place the Defrost Tray on your kitchen counter, place food on top then wait for the tray to work its magic. Sound too good to be true? Then try this simple test! Place one ice cube on the Defrost Tray and another on a normal household plate, then watch as the ice cube on the Magic Defrost Tray melts before your eyes! What’s more, the tray stays completely cool to the touch throughout.

Thawing times will vary depending on the thickness of the meat, although on average food should take between 30 and 60 minutes to fully defrost. Much speedier than thawing food in the fridge, which can take up to 24 hours, or at room temperature, which can take 10 hours. Leaving food out to thaw at room temperature for long periods of time is unhygienic and can allow bacteria to spread, which makes the Defrost Tray a much safer choice too.

The Defrost Tray is framed by a removable red silicone border, to prevent food juices from spilling onto your kitchen worktop.

Includes FREE POP UP MESH FOOD COVER to keep flies and insects away from food as it defrosts. The food cover measures 15.7″ diameter to fit conveniently over the tray, and is collapsible for easy storage.

Dishwasher safe tray, hand wash border.

As always, use precautions when handling raw meat.

Material: aluminium
13.8 (L) x 7.8 (W) inches (approx.)
0.1″ thickness


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