Mini Axe Razor

Mini Axe Razor in Viking Celtic Nordic style in a wooden box, completely handmade.

An original novelty gift for men!

Shaves perfectly!


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Mini Axe Razor in Viking Celtic Nordic style

Original Men’s Gift!

Straight razor warrior axe in Viking Celtic Nordic style is an original men’s gift.
Razor Axe in a wooden box.
Completely handmade. Shaves perfectly!
Steel: tempered HRC 56,58.
Handle: beech tree, carving, copper or brass, waxed cord.
Box: beech tree, carving, brass.
The size of an axe: 11 cm. x 2 cm.

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Magic Ethnics

About Magic Ethnics

This small workshop creates design jewellery in ethnic style. In their works they try to combine native folk motives and historical materials. They use ornaments, symbolism and mythology of ancient cultures lived or attended our lands. Among others in their jewellery you can meet characters from crops such as the Neolithic age, Tripilska culture, Scythian, Аncient Slavic culture, Kiev Russ, Ancient Greece, Byzantine, Ukrainian Cossacks times and Ukrainian ancient folk art. Every item is made with soul and love.

Production Methods

The technique of chill casting which was used more by Scythians in the 1st millennium BC is used in their workshop. If some modern models are casted in such a way the decoration would acquire a unique medieval charm. Then they cover all their jewelry with a sterling silver 925 or bronze with patina. Some of their charm pendants are made from sterling silver. This is how they are bringing the old aesthetics to modern women.

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