Nori Lights Wheel Lighting Kit

Performance That Exceeds Expectations

Allow motorists to instantly recognize you as a cyclist and looks really cool
Works on all bicycles and motorcycles with 6 mm of non-braking side-rim surface
Amazingly bright glow lines your rims with a solid ring; greatly increasing side visibility
Stripes continue to glow even when stopped and charge when the wheel is in motion
Easy to install and each pod provides over 80 hours of run time on 2x 2032 coin cell batteries


Nori Lights Wheel Lighting Kit

When cycling in low light or at night, the decreased side visibility makes cyclists even more vulnerable to motorists. The Nori Lights addresses this problem in the most visually appealing and energy efficient way possible. Unbelievably bright solid rings of light line the contour of your rims without requiring any electronics to be installed on the wheel. This reduces stress on the components, resulting in incredibly long product life. Our materials have been designed and optimized to work together, enabling the Nori Lights to provide stunning performance with minimal energy requirements, offering an amazing 60-80 hours of run time before needing to replace the batteries. Plus it just happens to be the coolest looking upgrade that you can do for your bike.

Extremely Effective System, Quality Design Without Compromise

Stunning visual performance from a product designed to out last the life of your bike. When your riding, especially at night, you already have so many things that you need to worry about. You’re lights shouldn’t be one of them. Extremely long battery life, top grade adhesives and strategically designed electronics in-cased in a durable compact housing come together in this premium product and allow you to keep your focus on the road ahead.





Performance That Exceeds Expectations

The Nori Lights weren’t just designed to make your wheels glow, they were designed to blow your mind. They exceed expectations, and add a new spark to cycling. Many of our customers report that they find themselves looking for excuses to ride their bike at night after installing their Nori Lights. No excuses necessary. Just get out there and enjoy the ride!





Easy to install and maintain.

Installation is simple, and everything needed is included in the kit. And the Nori Lights system is so efficient, that you’ll get 60-100 hours of illuminated ride-time before replacing the batteries.






It looks cool.

The Nori Lights Wheel Lighting Kit create a very sleek and universally appealing illumination effect that is guaranteed to turn heads. Turn almost any bike into a futuristic experience.






Increases safety on the road.

The Nori Lights Wheel Lighting Kit dramatically increases visibility, allowing motorists to recognize you as a cyclist instantly.








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