Secret Flask Brush

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Brush Paddle Secret Flask Brush

Easiest way to sneak spirits into any amusement park, sports event or concert. Who would suspect a brush in a girls purse? No one!

This Secret Flask Brush a fully functional hairbrush that is perfect for concerts and sporting events, as it protects your privacy! It holds 6 fluid ounces, is undetectable to metal detectors, it’s equipt with soft touch coating and a backside mirror. Comes with Brush and plastic funnel.

AWESOME gift idea! 

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Binocktails Bev-Brush Paddle Secret Flask Brush

The Bev-Brush paddle brush flask. It looks and feels EXACTLY like a real paddle hairbrush. Not only is it a great brush it is a 6 oz. secret flask. You will save more money the first night you use your Bev-Brush than the cost of the flask itself. This is the greatest women’s flask EVER … Just fill it with 6 oz. (185 ml) of booze, put it in your purse, and the night has just begun. The Bev-Brush is probably the best women’s flask on the market.

  • Great for Concerts and Sporting events! Protects your Privacy!

  • Bev-Brush flask is a fully functional hairbrush.

  • Holds 6 fluid ounces. Convincing and undetectable to metal detectors.

  • Equipt with soft touch coating and a backside mirror.

  • Great gift idea! Comes with Brush and plastic funnel. 


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