Smart Notebook

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Introducing the world’s first microwave-to-erase smart notebook. The Rocketbook Wave provides the freedom of a traditional pen and paper notebook, while instantly blasting your notes into the cloud using your smartphone. And when you use Pilot FriXion pens with the Wave notebook, you can ERASE YOUR NOTES using your MICROVAWE OVEN and REUSE YOUR NOTEBOOK. Go ahead and re-read that last sentence.

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Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

What makes Rocketbook special?

It’s the world’s first smart, reusable notebook. It’s the first microwave-to-erase notebook. Our users tell us they love how the Rocketbook system is like nothing else, and keeps them organized like never before.


Let Freedom Ding!

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Erase and reuse your Rocketbook Wave up to 5 times using your microwave when you use any FriXion pen by Pilot. Pilot FriXion pen ink turns clear at 140 degrees F / 60 degrees C, and the Rocketbook Wave is specially constructed to be microwave safe. Each Rocketbook includes one FriXion pen and you can buy more on Amazon and in retail stores.

Physical Meets Digital

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Take notes in your Rocketbook Wave, download the Rocketbook mobile app and instantly send your handwritten notes to all of your favorite cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud and more. The joy of pen and paper meets the utility of the cloud.


Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Our sophisticated machine vision makes your job simple. Hold your phone above the book and flip the pages. In milliseconds, the Rocketbook app detects your pages, scans them in and produces images more crisp and vibrant than the real thing.


Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Boost your productivity with this Smart Notebook by sharing notes with your team, classmates or family. Whether you instant message a diagram, or email a shopping list, the Rocketbook system unleashes the power of sharing handwritten notes.


Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

By marking symbols on the bottom of each page, you send high resolution images to the destinations you’ve configured in the Rocketbook app. The app “sees” your marks and sends your notes to the places they belong online.

The way you take notes is about to change

The utility of the cloud, combined with the freedom of pen and paper. Students, engineers, designers, managers, executives & all type of people are using Rocketbook to be more organized, more creative and more productive.



  • Introducing the world’s first smart, microwave-to-erase-and-reuse notebook

  • Download the rocket book app for android or iOS

  • Blast your notes to google docs, drobox, iCloud, Evernote, box and email

  • Pop your rocket book wave in the microwave to erase and reuse your notebook up to 5 times


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