Smart Home Technology Improve Your Quality Of Life

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 Smart Home Technology

Improve Your Quality Of Life

We’ve always relied on inventions to help us in our daily lives with all kinds of tasks. From tools made of wood and stone up to many modern inventions we enjoy today. A big player that’s spreading it’s effect like wildfire is smart technology. And for a good reason – we’ve come very far in perfecting our digital appliances and making them “smart”. Today’s technology now has the ability to make things happen with a touch of a button, or even just saying what you want out loud.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is designed to help us manage and automate our homes and improve our daily lives. It may seem like it is expensive and only a thing only for gadget fanatics. The truth is that smart technology is more and more user friendly and, beside all the other benefits, it can actually save you money.

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Power and Water Consumption Control

Smart technology can save you money. For example, a smart thermostat is a great way to save energy and have your energy bill reduced. A smart thermostat has adaptive scheduling and presets. You can program it to match your life rhythm and always be comfortable in your home.

Another great way to save money is outlets and lighting control. Install smart outlets and light switches and have full control on them. Set your lights on 75% brightness. Have sensors that turn off lights in rooms that have been unoccupied for a custom amount of time. You can control outlets separately, turn them on or off, set timers to make sure your power isn’t being wasted.

It wouldn’t be a smart house if you couldn’t control your water consumption.  Beside the water you personally use around the house that you can easily control, when it comes to garden and yard, watering can be tricky. With smart irrigation you can be sure that your plants will get exactly the amount of water they need. No more, no less. Since underground irrigation systems exist you will never have to worry that your sprinklers will surprise someone while in your garden. Furthermore, such systems are more effective when it comes to watering plants. Watering happens right next to the roots, exactly where water is needed. You just need to set up the system, forget about watering and enjoy your garden.

Perhaps the most amazing feature is you can control all of this with your phone, tablet, laptop, regardless of your location – all you need is an internet connection.

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Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security Canary All-in-One Home Security DeviceImagine you’re going away from home, and you know you won’t come back in a while. You would probably go and ask your neighbor (if you have a good one) to water the plants, feed the pets and check in on the place once in a while. With smart technology you can relax and know that your smart house is going to take care of it all. You can set the lights to turn on to make it look lively. The tv, music and other noise makers can join in the fun to make it even more convincing that someone is home. There are complete security systems that you can use to fully secure your home, whether you are there or not. And yes, there are smart pet feeders and smart water planters out there too.. there are even smart litter boxes!

Smart home security systems besides standard anti break-in equipment such as broken glass detectors, door and window protection, motion detectors, cameras, may also have smoke, gas and carbon monoxide detectors. They will automatically send you a notification if something is not right, or even notify the appropriate emergency service like police or fire department.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. We live in age when we can expect amazing new inventions every single day. With smart technology on rise we can assume our lives are deemed to get more organized, practical and comfortable.

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